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PROMET CZECH is a trading company that supplies foundries and steelworks with metallurgical raw materials primarily in European Union countries and the Balkans. It has gained a strong position among its suppliers and customers in the domestic and international markets.





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The company was founded in 1992 and has been supplying raw materials, especially pig iron for steelworks and foundries in Czechoslovakia since its inception. Later, the company expanded its operations to neighboring countries such as Germany, Austria, and Poland, and began supplying coke and ferrosilicon. Over time, it has gained a significant position in the supplier-customer relationships of foundries and steel mills in both domestic and foreign markets.

Our services include a complete product portfolio for foundries and steel mills, consulting, financing, technical support, consignment storage, and material distribution. Our trading company focuses on complete services for its suppliers and customers, utilizing not only its services but also the services of other subsidiary companies within the PROMET GROUP, such as logistics or knowledge from the production of two foundries and one forge.

PROMET CZECH is part of the PROMET GROUP, a family business that encompasses more than forty companies in the fields of engineering, metallurgy, and engineering. Those employ over four thousand people in the Czech Republic and abroad as well. The group´s headquartered is seated in Ostrava.

Vision, mission and values

Our mission is to participate in the development of metallurgy and create a dynamic environment for trade and an attractive industry for our future colleagues.

Our vision is to be a sought-after supplier of raw materials to the metallurgical industry with a complete portfolio of products and services.

We have long upheld values of reliability, priority, loyalty, and transparency with a focus on long-term cooperation.


Wide range of products

We offer a complete product portfolio of raw materials for foundries and steel mills.


Our professional team provides consulting in various areas.


We offer a range of financing options for our customers.

Technical support

Our long-standing experience on the market is supported by our own foundry production within the group, as well as strict quality rules.


We have a range of consignment storage facilities in strategic locations.


We have 3 branches in Europe and our own logistics company within the group providing complete services to our customers.

From our history

From our history

Company founded

The company was founded to supply pig iron.


Expansion of product portfolio

Expansion of the product portfolio to include ferrosilicon and scrap, and significant expansion of financial services, consignment storage, and customer advice.


Founding of Procento-Metalurgie s.r.o.

Establishment of Procento-Metalurgie s.r.o., which acquired Slévárna Vsetín s.r.o. (now PROMET FOUNDRY, a direct subsidiary of PROMET GROUP)


Promet Slovakia

Establishment of subsidiary company Promet Slovakia, which covers the markets of Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.


Promet Czech

Procento, s.r.o. was renamed PROMET CZECH s.r.o.


Promet Logistics

Increase in demand for the transport of raw materials throughout Europe, leading to the establishment of sister company PROMET LOGISTICS a.s., responsible for this activity including customs declarations.


Sale of shares in Promet Foundry

Sale of share in PROMET FOUNDRY a.s. to parent company PROMET GROUP a.s.


More services and customers

Expansion of the customer and service portfolio and establishment of strategic partnerships with suppliers.


Representation of Promet Foundry and Promet Prefix

Acquisition of Promet Foundry's commercial representation and Promet Prefix's machining representation


Promet Czech covering Promet group

PROMET Czech completely covers the metallurgical division of the PROMET group.

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